Friday, 25 January 2013

Station 3 (Depature Hall)

This green wall located at Changi Airport is 5 storeys high and 300 metre wide vertical garden featuring 25 plant species. The leaves are heart-shaped and the stems are weak.

This fibreglass propeller is named Daisy and it moves interactively as it has light sensors mounted along its 13-metre height sense the presence of onlookers and hence enable it to move interactively. It is the masterpiece of Christian Moller. Its work explores synergies between sound,light,weather and motion.
Liquids (water,sauces), creams, balms, toothpaste, hairspray... are not allowed on board the airplane. The reason behind is that it may cause the creation of explosive items. So the airport ensures safety and security by placing CCTVs and there are security arm forces patrolling area.

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